The meeting place is Porta Nuova, in Piazza Manin.

On this tour the sumptuous buildings of Piazza dei Miracoli (Baptistery, Cathedral, Camposanto, Sinopie Museum and Leaning Tower) will be illustrated externally, as well as the medieval walls enclosing the square itself.

Historical digressions will be made on the construction of the monuments and, approaching them, it will be possible to admire the decorations of the unmistakable Pisan Romanesque style.

We will therefore enter the Cathedral, almost millennial, in which particular attention will be paid to the gilded wooden ceiling, the Gothic Pulpit by Giovanni Pisano and the funerary monuments of two fascinating historical figures such as San Ranieri and the Emperor Henry VII.

The tour will end with a detailed description of the famous Bell Tower, explaining the causes of the characteristic slope. Visitors, if they wish, will be able to climb to the top of the Tower by purchasing the access ticket, which costs 20 euros.

The duration of the tour is 1 hour, the cost of the guide service is 10 euros per person, free for children under the age of 11. Admission to the Cathedral is free. In the Cathedral it is mandatory to keep your shoulders covered. The presence of at least two people is required.

We inform you that starting from August 5th 2021 to access the museums it is mandatory to be in possession of the Green Pass.

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