On this tour we will show you what the changes in Pisa were under the Medici hegemony.

The meeting place is Piazza dei Cavalieri, designed by the architect Giorgio Vasari under the direction of the Grand Duke Cosimo I, who we will see represented by the artist Pietro Francavilla in the act of crushing a dolphin to symbolize the Florentine power over the Maritime Republic of Pisa.

We will continue along the streets of the city center to reach the Church of St. Nicholas, which was the Church of the Grand Ducal court, and we will go up the Lungarni observing the palaces that are reflected in the waters of the river, testifying to the Florentine influence on Pisa.

The tour lasts 1 hour and 15 minutes.

The cost of the tour is 10 euros per person, free for children under the age of 11. The presence of at least two people is required.

For information, tour times, reservations you will find our contacts on this page.