This tour will show centers of power of the modern age (16th, 17th, 18th century) located a short distance from each other.

We will find ourselves in Piazza F. Carrara, from which we will be able to see the Arno river to the south and to the west the back of the Royal Palace, built by the Medici, and the palatine church dedicated to San Nicola, of which we will discover that there is more than one tower which hangs in Pisa.

The guided tour will continue in the rooms of the National Museum of the Royal Palace, where the Medici, Habsburg and Savoy rulers lived, furnished according to the taste of the time. It is a place where documents of great importance in world history have been signed, for better or for worse, and which houses important Renaissance paintings, including a Raffaello, and Baroque.

We will walk along Via Santa Maria and we will turn into a small street that will lead us to Piazza dei Cavalieri, one of the most beautiful meeting places in Italy, where the Renaissance buildings designed by the architectural genius of Giorgio Vasari for the monastic-knightly order of the Knights of Saint Stephen rise.

The tour lasts 1 hour and 15 minutes, the cost of the guide service is 12 euros per person, free for children under the age of 11. The cost of the ticket to access the National Museum of the Royal Palace is 5 euros full, 2 euros for children between 18-25 years, free under 18 years. The presence of at least two people is required.

We inform you that starting from August 5th 2021 to access the museums it is mandatory to be in possession of the Green Pass.

For information, tour times, reservations you will find our contacts on this page.