The meeting place is at the Pisa Central Station.

The first part of the tour will focus on the illustration of Pisa from the Second World War to today, crossing the area south of the Arno, extensively restored after the World War II. Later, the Ponte di Mezzo will connect us to the northern part, where the artistic beauties testify to the glorious past of this city rise.

We will walk along streets where in past centuries, as in the present day, the crafts and commercial activities of the Pisans took place, we will let you discover one of the highest examples of urban planning and building architecture that the Renaissance bequeathed to us by showing you Piazza dei Cavalieri, in which the echo of the power of the Medici still resounds. Via Santa Maria will lead us, in the same way that thousands of pilgrims did in the Middle Ages, to Piazza dei Miracoli, where our exploration will end.

The tour is recommended for those who have already visited Piazza dei Miracoli and wish to explore in length and in breadth Pisa. It lasts 1.15 h, the cost is 15 euros per person, free for children under the age of 11. It is required a minimum participation of two people.

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